Florida Auto Accident Liability Defense Lawyer

Serving National Clients Needing Litigation Defense Counsel In Florida

Auto, motorcycle and commercial truck insurers facing serious personal injury and wrongful death litigation in Florida turn to Thorne & Associates, PA, for results-focused defense counsel. Our firm has earned a reputation among national and regional insurers for our efficient and effective litigation defense counsel, backed by the highest levels of responsive communication and client service.

We are a team of trial lawyers with an exceptional record of protecting our clients' rights in court and at the settlement negotiating table. Through intensive investigation using independent experts and detailed case preparation for trial, we are dedicated to defending your financial interests from fraudulent and inflated claims.

From offices in Orlando, our lawyers provide litigation defense counsel for insurance companies, national truck companies and employer/carriers involved in personal injury liability lawsuits in jurisdictions in Central Florida and statewide. Call 407-488-1222 to arrange an initial no-cost consultation with an experienced Florida trucking and auto accident liability defense attorney at Thorne & Associates, PA, today. You may also use our convenient email contact form to submit a brief explanation of your litigation needs. We will respond quickly to arrange a convenient time to meet by phone or in our office.

Our case results include litigation defense counsel for a broad range of litigation matters related to motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Auto accident personal injury and wrongful death claims defense
  • Truck accident claims defense
  • Florida auto product liability claims defense
  • Fraudulent auto accident claims defense

Truck Accident Employer Carrier Representation

If you are responsible for retaining outside defense counsel for your self-insured commercial trucking company facing a lawsuit in Florida, look no further than Thorne & Associates, PA. We have in-depth knowledge of the over-the-road freight industry and how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates truck company procedures. Our clients include many of the most successful employer carriers and subcontracted truckers operating in Florida.

Orlando Truck Accident Defense Lawyer · Employer Carrier Representation

To schedule an initial consultation at our Orlando office by phone, call 407-488-1222. You can also submit an email to reach us online. We will review your case and help you take the right steps to protect your personal or professional interests.