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Not every employer in Florida is required by law to carry workers' compensation insurance. Employers in industries other than construction are required to provide workers' comp insurance coverage only if they employ four or more workers on a full- or part-time basis. This means that thousands of business owners across the state choose to self-insure against workplace injury claims.

We place a primary focus on reassuring our clients by quickly getting the case under control; then providing responsive, clear communications throughout the litigation process.

Receiving notification of a workplace injury can result in frustration and anxiety at the thought of high medical bills and personal injury liability. Turn to Thorne & Associates, PA, in Orlando, for help. We balance aggressive, efficient defense representation with cost-effectiveness. Throughout the resolution process, we provide timely cost-benefit analysis reports and budgets so you know when it is time to make a decision about settling or pursuing the defense case in court. Let us show you our case results helping employers protect themselves from fraudulent and inflated claims.

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We are experienced Florida workers' compensation defense attorneys. You can rely on us to explain your options for injury risk management if you choose to self-insure. We also advise out-of-state employers who take on jobs in Florida and are concerned about the state's workplace injury laws.

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