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Fraudulent and inflated workplace injury claims are one of the leading causes of financial loss for insurance companies providing workers' compensation coverage for Florida employers. If you are a self-insured employer or are responsible for securing outside litigation counsel for your insurance company providing workers' comp insurance in Florida, Thorne & Associates is ready to help.

We are recognized among the prominent insurance defense litigation firms in Central Florida. From offices in Orlando, our lawyers provide litigation services for insurance companies and employers protecting themselves against fraudulent injury claims throughout the state.

We also work with uninsured employers and out-of-state employers seeking help with workers' compensation disputes and litigation matters related to Florida workplace injury laws.

Call 407-488-1222 to arrange an initial no-cost consultation with an experienced Florida workers' compensation employee fraud attorney at Thorne & Associates, PA, today. You may also use our convenient email contact form to submit a brief explanation of your litigation needs. We will respond quickly to arrange a convenient time to meet by phone or in our office.

Don't Address The Issue With The Employee Until You Talk To Us

Addressing your suspicions directly with the employ may raise legal concerns and result in costly litigation. If you suspect fraud, we can advise you on your best options for protecting your rights. Call us if you suspect an employee may be engaging in any type of workers' compensation fraud such as:

  • Reporting a false injury
  • Injured on personal time but reported as a workplace injury
  • Exaggerating the extent of injury
  • Taking on outside part-time work in defiance of medical orders
  • Malingering when fully capable of returning to work
  • Doctor shopping

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