Workers' Compensation Defense

The workers compensation system is intended to protect employers from personal injury lawsuits by their employees, while providing payment for legitimate claims. Unfortunately there is much abuse of the system through pretended or exaggerated injury and outright fraud. In addition, claimants frequently pursue the wrong party for payment: if a third party, other than the employer, caused the injury, they are responsible.

Thorne & Associates, P.A., serves insurance companies and self-insured businesses in responding to a wide variety of workers' compensation claims, from the straightforward to the complex.

Any Case at Any Stage

We handle workers' compensation defense cases involving all types of injuries and illnesses regardless of the extent, including claims of wrongful death. We handle cases claiming injury or repetitive stress and similar claims. Contact us regarding a case that has not yet been filed, or filed, and even an appeal.

We investigate the claim, events surrounding the alleged incident, and the medical records. Often there is uncertainty about the cause of the illness or injury. Our role is to protect our client from liability, where the cause is uncertain or unrelated to the employment. We strive to minimize or prevent employer liability.

Our clients have constant access to us and receive a prompt response. We are large enough to competently handle complex cases, yet small enough for direct relationships with clients and agility in litigation. We listen to our clients and effectively communicate business protection options and case status. Our lawyers have a results-driven mentality and we care about your success.

Put Experience on Your Side

To schedule an initial consultation with an attorney at our Orlando or Seminole County, Florida, office by phone, call 407-488-1222 or reach us online. We will review your case and help you take the right steps to protect your personal or professional interests.